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It may look plain for some people, but this is the voted-for layout the members put together.

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Monday, March 15, 2004

I really must comment on our layout.

The image host is VillagePhotos, and they recently (ok, maybe not so recently) decided to make users pay for outside hosting.

So why the heck can I see the borders??

VP is mad.

Reika sang a song at 10:20 pm
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Saturday, March 13, 2004
WARGH!!! Ten-sen...ten-sen

Mood: Bored....Super bored....Mega bored...
Currently hearing to: Haruka Kanata ; OP song for Naruto
Currently : Munching on food

I miss my lollipop... -_-;

I want lollipop!!! WAAAAA!!! I WANT A LOLLIPOP!!!

Why exactly am I screaming for lollipop?
- Because I'm depressed.

Why am I depressed?
- Because there's no LOLLIPOP!

*sigh* Holidays comin UP and my homework are mountain-ing (I don't know if this word exist or not....) UP. Hey, guys? You know what? I was promoted to ACTING! WARGH! I HATE ACTING! WHY ME?! Damn those stupid auditions...I'm already busy with my schedule for basketball practice, anime,police cadets practice, anime,band practice, anime,homeworks,anime, sleep, anime,food, anime,games and anime. Now they want me to ACT in a drama?! Baka yaro...Someday, I'll kill that head of the director, Nur Syazmin Saprudin.................Well, at least I got a male character...........lollipop anyone? Last Thursday, there's physical practice for basketball players. Our captain ( Akagi Takenori) forced us to do lots of push ups, jumping, sit ups and all those stuff the soldiers did in a camp. My body ache all over and I can barely do a thing. I guess I have ta continue my homework...Ta ta and enjoy ur holidays, minna-san!

p/s: ten-sen (10 cent) in my dictionary also means tension....a word I created...

Kurei sang a song at 03:07 pm
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Thursday, March 04, 2004

*Rei glares at the other members*

Isn't this so... typical.
Suki & Atsuzen AIRASHII-san and SHINGU-san versus me. Ryuuko is sitting on neither side, and Kurei... uhh...

Aren't I always the one at FAULT and everyone vrs me? ^^ too bad, huh?

Right. Shall I remove this trash from BD then? All of you say you want to quit this blog. Figure out how.


Reika sang a song at 05:56 pm
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Sunday, January 25, 2004
*prods blog*

I see this blog is dead.

*zaps blog with lazer to wake it up*

Mood : Annoyed
Listening to : Suteki da ne Orchestra version
Now : doing Geography

Sensei gave too much work!! And it wasn't much help that I fell sick and couldn't get anything done. And if I don't stop over-stuufing myself with oranges, my throat will panic and I'll probably lose my voice. (Never mind, Ryuuko can replace me as the co-singer XD XD)

AIRASHII SUKI - Do NOT over-type at the tagboard. No one likes an extra scroller at the bottom. It takes up space and it's not as if the tagboard is that big.

SHINGU ATSUZEN - Can you NOT go over-board with Good Charlotte and Linkin park and goodness knows what else?! Bother about your own band first. Or has this thing died out?

SHIGEKI KUREI - Can you not pick your screenname out of anime characters? Find the stupid kanji for SHIGEKI KUREI if you're going to do that. Or else, we'll just katakaza-ize it.

EVERYONE - New name for the band? Not Silveradical... It's silly.
EVERYONE2 - Can we get Ragnarok Ryuuko to join us?


Reika sang a song at 06:17 pm
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Saturday, December 13, 2003
Me got CD me got CD

ME GOT CD!!! Finally managed to get Almighty Mother to buy me Good Charlotte's album -- The Young and The Hopeless!!! Haha, stupid brother Akira wanted P.O.D. but it was sold out ... XP

Oh yea, managed to grab another box of CCC before we left the mini market.

Went home today and blasted music 'till mum sorta screamed at me from the kitchen. Then Akira just HAD to ignore her and turned the volume up till ... oh well. She locked us in the toilet until dinner.

Akira : You know, if you want to get rid of all those pimples of yours, you'd better eat more vege.
Atsuzen : *cough* As if YOU'VE got a pimple-free forehead.
Akira : Yes, I DO have a pimple-free forehead.
Atsuzen : Then what about that one on your nose?
Akira : That's not on my forehead.
Atsuzen : But it's still a pimple.
Almighty Mother : *clears throat with a threatening look on her face*

... that's sorta how my brother and I have dinner everyday X3. Pathetic, huh?

Oh no, here comes my annoying stifk brot

Atsuzen is stupid ATsuzen is stupid stupid stupid stupid

Atsuzen sang a song at 06:08 pm
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Friday, December 12, 2003

Rei desu!

eh... not as if I'm still that crazy over him. Yuki Eiri-sensei is still a lot better looking. ^^
Saw him this afternoon at a restaurant... Oh, darn... THAT'S what I forgot. He still owes me a Playstation 2.
Ooooohh.... talking about playstation, I want to play FF8 again. I read a nearly Rinoa/Quistis fanfiction yesterday, and now the game seems to be calling me.
Ooooohh.... And on Final Fantasy... Shuin is CUTE! And so is Tidus, in a way. X3 Hmm... but Eiri-sensei is better, anyway. Though...

Eeep... wasn't I supposed to meet someone tonight? Errr... Who was it? Hm.... mm.... mm.....

T_T I don't remember.


(OOC : I remember! Illy suggested maybe we blog in what do you think?
And... maybe I can make a set of icons for you guys to put at the beginning of every entry? Like one for Suki or Atsuzen so we know who's entry it is?
Oooh.... I still have the layout and Suki's blog layout and everything else to do...)

Reika sang a song at 06:48 pm
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Thursday, December 11, 2003
Blast it

This is absolutely outrageous. I was supposed to have lunch with Rei at two, and guess what happened? She spotted one of her old crush at the restaurant and went off to join him with my purse! Just how... outrageous can that girl get?

Anyway, last night the both of us had another gig at the pub and guess who I met? Its K, that gunpowder smelling American. I babysat his son two years ago back at America when I was studying there. Each night I kept asking for more money, but its because his son makes A LOT of trouble, and on my last night he almost shot my head off. He saw our gig last night and asked if were interested in forming a band and getting into the mainstream. I have yet to discuss it with Rei yet oh, speaking of the devil. Looks like she forgot her keys again.

Suki sang a song at 07:37 pm
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Tuesday, December 09, 2003
*slaps forehead*

(OOC : You idiot. Have you forgotten I'm supposed to be REI????? -_-"
No real names here, please!
*suddenly gets the idea that Atsuzen probably doesn't know the first thing about RP*

Atsuzen!! You and your CCC!


Reika sang a song at 02:37 pm
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I am ...

Currently listening to : Nobody's Fool by Avril Lavigne
Currently : Wondering if Almas would kill me if I'm not supposed to post something like this

OK! So I'm supposed to roleplay as Atsuzen? Hmm ...

... so Atsuzen only talks about CCC, izzit?


I ate two Chips Ahoy! CCC this morning for breakfast!

Atsuzen sang a song at 02:26 pm
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Sunday, December 07, 2003

*Fujisaki Rei puts her hands on her hips and glares at everyone*

This blog is not moving at all! I've done a bit of hacking, and now AIRASHII SUKI is an author for this RP. I've sent an e-mail invitation to SHINGU ATSUZEN, but SEGUCHI RYUUKO and UEMATSU SHUIN need blogdrive accounts!

And to Shuin, DECIDE YOUR NAME! If you don't want Uematsu as your stage name, then pick a new one! Lousy girl!

Ryuuko!!! Don't be so lazy to blog! >_<"...... pls join this RP pls pls pls pls pls!!!!!!!


Reika sang a song at 11:15 am
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